Intercrural Sex (via thecestyplace)

Reading a fictional description of intercrural sex turns me on too.  🙂

thecestyplace: Intercrural Sex


“Edward…” whispered John on his twin’s ear as they were cuddled up together in their bed. “You’re not asleep yet, are you?”

“No, but I’m really tired,” answered Edward, without opening his eyes. He felt his older twin’s hand gently stroking his blonde hair, and John’s breath on the back of his neck.

“Come on, don’t fall asleep yet,” said John, his fingers fiddling with Edward’s hair. “I need you. And nights are the only time when I can be with you, because everyone’s asleep.”

“Like we should be, too,” murmured Edward, barely awake. “There’s school tomorrow and…” But before he could finish the sentence, his twin pulled his head towards his lips and kissed him softly.

“Please,” asked John. “I have a really good idea what we could do.” He started planting kisses down Edward’s neck.

“I told you I don’t want to have sex yet, I don’t feel ready,” said Edward, now fully awake.

“Promise, it’s not sex. Just relax, I’ll take care of you,” said John and smiled as he could see Edward’s mood was changing from sleepy to excited.

John’s hands were now under the blanket, touching Edward’s bare stomach and chest as he pressed him closer to himself. Edward groaned as his twin’s lips pressed against his sensitive spots on his neck and lower on his chest.

John’s lips touched Edward’s again, this time for a more passionate kiss, their tongues intertwining in their mouth. John kicked the blanket off to the floor, just so he could enjoy the view of his younger twin’s body.

They were both wearing just their briefs, and they didn’t do well at hiding the fact that they were both getting hard already. Edward twitched as John’s hand found its way over his bulge, just gently pressing against it.

“You like this Edward?” asked John with a smirk on his face. “You’ll love what I have in store for you.”

He pulled Edward’s briefs off, completely exposing Edward to his view, making Edward blush a little, but he was too turned on to protest against it. John touched Edward’s bare cock, sliding his hand over it.

Edward groaned and bucked his hips upwards. To John, this was a sign. He pulled off his briefs and just as Edward was about to ask what he was doing, he lay down on top of his brother.

John opened his legs, but just for a moment, positioning Edward’s dick between them, then closed them back again. He moved himself, making Edward’s cock rub between his thighs.

Edward was moaning as John jerked him off with his thighs. It was a little like a handjob, but better. His hips were bucking and he was gasping loudly every time John thrusted his hips.

Edward bit his lower lip, and John knew him well enough he knew that meant he was going to come. So he increased the speed and the pressure for the last few thrusts. Moments later, Edward spilled his cum over John’s thighs.

John leaned in and kissed Edward’s lips again. “Trust me, when I say I have a good idea, I mean it,” he said and smirked.

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